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Treatment for Heroin Addiction Can Be Difficult to Find, Experts Say

People seeking treatment for heroin addiction face a number of obstacles, including a lack of treatment beds, expensive care, and insurance companies that refuse to pay for inpatient rehab, according to ABC News.

Legalized Marijuana Spurs Conflicts Between Employers and Workers

Employers in states where marijuana is legal for medicinal or recreational use must decide how to handle employees who use the drug when they are not on duty, USA Today reports.

Democratic Governors Resist Supporting Marijuana Legalization

Democratic governors around the country are reluctant to support the legalization of marijuana, despite enthusiasm for the idea among voters in their party. The New York Times reports the governors are concerned about managing legalization, as well as being perceived as being soft on crime by Republicans.

75 Percent of Americans See Marijuana Legalization as Inevitable, Survey Finds

A new survey finds 75 percent of Americans think it is inevitable that recreational marijuana will become legal across the country, ABC News reports. The survey also found a growing number of Americans support ending mandatory minimum prison sentences for non-violent drug offenders.

JT Weekly- Other Headlines of Interest

Top headlines of the week from Friday, March 28- Thursday, April 3, 2014.

New Test Developed to Detect Date-Rape Drug, GHB, in Drinks

Researchers in Singapore announced they have developed a new test that can detect the date-rape drug GHB in drinks, according to HealthDay.

Drug Used to Prevent Spasms May Help Prevent Cocaine Relapse

The drug baclofen, used to prevent spasms in patients with spinal cord injuries and neurological disorders, may be able to help prevent relapses in people treated for cocaine addiction, a new study suggests.

The Way a Person Smokes Marijuana May Predict Future Dependence on the Drug

The way a person smokes marijuana is more important than how potent the drug is, or how much of the active ingredient THC it contains, in predicting whether the person will become dependent on the drug, a new study suggests.

More States Soften Approach to Low-Level Drug Use

A growing number of states are changing their approach to low-level drug users, emphasizing treatment instead of incarceration, according to The Washington Post. The change is a result of both reduced budgets and shifting views on drug use.

Frequent Involvement in Spiritual Activities Helps Drug and Alcohol Treatment: Study

Frequent involvement in spiritual activities appears to help in the treatment of drug and alcohol abuse in young people, a new study suggests.

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