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Experts Urge New Jersey Legislators to Take Steps to Curb Opioid Abuse

Addiction treatment experts urged New Jersey legislators last week to take steps to curb opioid abuse, including expanding what doctors are required to learn about addiction, and making participation in the state’s prescription drug monitoring program mandatory.

Maine Marijuana Vote Could Foretell East Coast’s View on Legalization

The outcome of a marijuana legalization vote in Portland, Maine on November 5 could indicate whether the East Coast is ready to follow the lead of Colorado and Washington state, the Associated Press reports.

California Lt. Governor and ACLU Team Up to Put Legalization on 2016 State Ballot

California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom is joining with the American Civil Liberties Union in an effort to craft a marijuana legalization measure, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The measure would go before California voters during the November 2016 election.

Washington State Adopts Rules Governing Sale of Recreational Marijuana

Washington state approved rules this week for the recreational sale of marijuana, the Associated Press reports. The Washington Liquor Control Board, which adopted the rules, will issue licenses for up to 334 marijuana stores across the state.

Doctors in Illinois Suburb Put Number of Krokodil Cases at Five

Doctors in the Chicago suburb of Joliet say the number of people hospitalized with symptoms that suggest addiction to the flesh-eating drug krokodil has risen to five, CNN reports. Similar cases have been reported by health care providers in Arizona and Oklahoma.

Crystal Meth Use Increases Risk of Injecting Drugs

A new study finds a link between crystal meth use and an increased risk of injecting drugs. The Canadian study included 395 young people living on the street in Vancouver.

Club Drug Variant May be Effective as Antidepressant, Study Suggests

A variant of the club drug ketamine could be reformulated for use as an antidepressant, a new study suggests. The three-week study found depressed people who took the drug reported improvement.

Police in Florida City Make Millions in Cocaine Sting Operations

Law enforcement officers in a city outside of Fort Lauderdale, Florida have been conducting “reverse sting” operations to lure potential cocaine buyers, and funneling the proceeds into the police department budget, ABC News reports.

Ritalin Successfully Treats ADHD in People with Substance Dependence: Study

A new study finds Ritalin can successfully treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in people with substance dependence. People with both conditions often do not respond well to ADHD medication, according to MedicalXpress.

Sports Supplement “Craze” Contains Meth-Like Chemical: Study

The sports supplement “Craze,” popular in the United States and other countries, contains a meth-like chemical, USA Today reports.

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