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Researchers Make Progress in Finding Medicines to Treat Addiction

Researchers are making progress in the search for medicines to treat addiction, according to The Wall Street Journal. They are learning more about how heavy drug and alcohol use affects the brain.


Medicaid Patients in South, Midwest Less Likely to Find Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Medicaid patients in southern and Midwestern states are less likely than those in other parts of the country to have access to outpatient addiction treatment, according to a new study.

Eight Federal Inmates Convicted of Crack Cocaine Offenses Have Sentences Commuted

President Obama on Thursday commuted the sentences of eight federal inmates who had been convicted of crack cocaine offenses, The New York Times reports. Six of the inmates were sentenced to life in prison.

Kentucky Bill Aims to Strengthen Heroin Treatment, Penalties

Kentucky lawmakers will soon consider a bill that would make the opioid overdose antidote drug naloxone more available, while stiffening penalties for high-level drug dealers. The bill also would expand anti-drug education, the Courier-Journal reports.

China Seizes Tons of Raw Materials Used in Fake Pharmaceuticals

The Chinese government announced a major crackdown on makers of fake drugs, Businessweek reports. More than nine tons of raw materials used in counterfeit pharmaceuticals were seized, including some psychedelic or poisonous ingredients.

Fewer Teens See Great Risk From Being Regular Marijuana Users: Survey

The percentage of teens who think there is a great risk from being a regular marijuana user has dropped, according to a new survey. The Monitoring the Future survey found 39.5 percent of 12th graders think regular marijuana use is harmful, down from 44.1 percent last year.

Medical Group Warns of Danger of Performance-Enhancing Drugs

The Endocrine Society is warning about the health consequences of taking performance-enhancing drugs. The vast majority of people who use these drugs are non-athlete weightlifters, according to the group.

Synthetic Marijuana Added to Defense Department Drug Testing

The U.S. Defense Department will start randomly testing service members for synthetic marijuana, the Air Force News Service reports.

Study Finds Five Parenting Programs Can Help Reduce Teen Behavior Problems

A study that evaluated a wide variety of parenting programs found five that help parents and children avoid teen behavior problems.

Denmark Opens “Fix Rooms” Where Adults Can Use Drugs Under Nurse’s Supervision

For the past year, adults in Denmark with a serious drug addiction have been allowed to take illegal drugs in “fix rooms,” supervised by a nurse. Research suggests these drug consumption rooms can save lives, NPR reports.

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