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New York City Raises Legal Age for Purchasing Tobacco to 21

New York City lawmakers passed a measure Wednesday that raises the legal age for purchasing tobacco to 21, from 18. The law covers cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars and cigarillos, The New York Times reports.

Candidate for Boston Mayoral Race Talks About His Past Alcoholism

Boston mayoral candidate Martin J. Walsh, a recovering alcoholic, has the backing of many people who have dealt with substance use issues themselves, according to The New York Times.

New York City Drops Bill to Keep Cigarettes Out of Sight in Stores

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has decided to drop a bill that would have required stores to keep cigarettes out of sight, according to The New York Times. Bloomberg still hopes to raise the legal smoking age to 21.

Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients Faces Obstacles in Many States

States trying to require drug testing for welfare recipients are facing obstacles, including legal challenges and high costs, The New York Times reports.

Lawsuit Challenges Wisconsin Fetal Protection Measure Known as “Cocaine Mom” Act

A federal lawsuit is challenging a Wisconsin measure that allows the forcible confinement of pregnant women who use illegal drugs or alcohol “to a severe degree” and will not accept treatment. The law is known as the “cocaine mom” act.

Maine Becomes First State to Allow Prescription Drug Purchases From Abroad

Maine has become the first state to allow prescription drugs to be purchased abroad, CBS News reports.

Cigarettes to be Banned at State-Funded Addiction Treatment Centers in Vermont

Vermont will join dozens of other states that have adopted tobacco-free policies at state-funded addiction treatment centers, the Associated Press reports.

Washington, D.C. Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Say They Are Losing Money

Three months after medical marijuana dispensaries opened in Washington, D.C., the centers say they are losing money, according to The Washington Post. Patients say they have been discouraged by lengthy applications and warnings that marijuana remains illegal under federal law.

Molly Becoming a Part of New York’s Fast Lifestyle, Substance Abuse Experts Say

In the city that never sleeps, Molly is popular with people who work hard and party hard, according to New York substance abuse experts. They say a growing number of people are ending up in emergency rooms after taking the drug.

Experts Urge New Jersey Legislators to Take Steps to Curb Opioid Abuse

Addiction treatment experts urged New Jersey legislators last week to take steps to curb opioid abuse, including expanding what doctors are required to learn about addiction, and making participation in the state’s prescription drug monitoring program mandatory.

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