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Colorado Court Rules Employees Can be Fired for Marijuana Use

An appellate court in Colorado ruled Thursday employees can be fired for testing positive for marijuana. Recreational use of the drug is now legal in the state.

Colorado Officials to Consider Marijuana Taxes of Up to 30 Percent

This week Colorado officials will consider a proposal to require marijuana excise and sales taxes of up to 30 percent combined, The New York Times reports.

Bill Would Require Minnesota Legislators to Undergo Drug Tests

An amendment to be introduced this week in Minnesota would require the state’s legislators to undergo drug tests. Originally meant to shame lawmakers who want drug testing for welfare recipients, the bill has caught on with both Democrats and Republicans.

Colorado Bill Could Lead to Gun Limits for Those with Substance Abuse, Mental Illness

Legislators in Colorado are considering a measure that would create a task force to look at whether gun restrictions should be instituted for people with substance abuse problems or mental illness.

Professional Marijuana Growers Find It’s Difficult to Make a Profit

Professional marijuana growers, who are facing high startup costs, operational challenges and state regulations, are finding it difficult to make a profit, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Three People Injured by Gunshots at 4/20 Marijuana Celebration in Denver

Three people were injured when gunshots were fired at the first 4/20 marijuana celebration in Denver since Colorado legalized the drug last November. It was one of many such gatherings around the world, The Christian Science Monitor reports.

Governments Can Reduce Drinking by Limiting Density of Liquor Stores: Report

Local governments can reduce excessive drinking by regulating the density of stores that sell alcohol, according to a new report.

Banning Smoking in Subsidized Housing Could Save Over $500 Million Annually

Banning smoking in public housing and units covered by rental assistance programs could save $521 million annually, according to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Bill Would Require Federal Government to Abide by State Marijuana Laws

A California congressman has introduced a bill that would protect marijuana users from federal prosecution in states where the drug is legal. The Respect State Marijuana Laws Act of 2013 would legalize marijuana at the federal level to the extent it is legal at the state level.

Letter From the Editor: Our Second Anniversary

Thank you for being part of the Join Together community as we celebrate our second anniversary.

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