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Massachusetts to Bring Drug-Sniffing Dogs to State Prisons

Massachusetts will soon bring drug-sniffing dogs to 17 state prisons, according to Boston Magazine. The dogs will sniff visiting areas and visitors.

Commentary: National Prevention Week 2013 Is May 12-18: Participate and Make a Difference in Your Community!

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s second annual National Prevention Week begins on Sunday, May 12. This national health observance, which continues through May 18, aims to increase public awareness of, and action around, substance abuse and mental health issues.

Florida Launches New Initiative on Newborns Exposed to Prescription Drugs

Florida is launching a new initiative to tackle the growing problem of newborns exposed to prescription drugs, The Miami Herald reports.

Heroin Addiction Takes Toll in Suburban New Jersey

New Jersey officials report a rise in heroin addiction, drug-related crime and deaths among young people in suburbs. Many became addicted to prescription painkillers, and switched to heroin because it is cheaper, potent and widely available.

Programs Can Lower Substance Abuse Rates in Young Adults with Mental Health Issues

Older teens and young adults with mental health issues who participate in community-based treatment programs report lower levels of substance use disorders, a new government report finds.

Colorado Passes First Laws Regulating Recreational Marijuana Market

Legislators in Colorado on Wednesday passed the first laws regulating the state’s recreational marijuana market, which will take effect in January 2014. Governor John Hickenlooper is expected to sign them by early June, The Wall Street Journal reports.

“Recovery Courts” to Combat Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues in Tennessee

Nine “recovery courts” will be created in Tennessee to combat substance abuse and mental health issues, state officials announced this week. They will combine services currently found in drug courts, mental health courts and veterans courts.

Clinton Foundation Aims to Reduce Prescription Drug Abuse Among College Students

Former President Bill Clinton this week pledged his foundation will work with the New York Police Department and other partners to address prescription drug abuse, with a focus on college students.

California Court: Local Governments Can Outlaw Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

The California Supreme Court on Monday ruled local governments can outlaw medical marijuana dispensaries, according to Reuters.

Law Enforcement Has Few Tools to Crack Down on Nitrous Oxide Abuse

Law enforcement officials who are trying to crack down on the growing problem of nitrous oxide abuse have limited options to punish people who sell the gas to those who use it to get high, the Los Angeles Daily News reports.

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