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Study Finds Fewer Ambulance Calls When Casinos Go Smoke Free

Ambulance calls from casinos dropped significantly in Colorado after the state extended its smoke-free law to casino floors, a new study concludes.

Louisiana Officials Say More Illegal Drugs Being Sent Through the Mail

Officials in Baton Rouge, Louisiana say a growing number of packages containing illegal drugs are being sent through the U.S. mail and private delivery services, the Associated Press reports.

Naloxone Stopped 2,000 Overdoses in Massachusetts in Six Years: Report

Naloxone, a drug that blocks the effects of opioids including heroin and oxycodone, has stopped 2,000 overdoses in Massachusetts in the last six years, state officials announced.

Suspected Illnesses Linked to Synthetic Marijuana in Colorado Rises to 150

The number of people suspected of being sickened by synthetic marijuana in Colorado has risen to 150, NPR reports. Last week, the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control said they were investigating three deaths and 75 hospitalizations potentially caused by the drug.

Pennsylvania Colleges Take Steps to Reduce Alcohol Use

A number of colleges in Pennsylvania are taking steps to reduce alcohol use among students, according to the Associated Press.

California Legislature Passes Two Bills Aimed at Curbing Prescription Drug Abuse

The California Senate passed two bills designed to fight prescription drug abuse and overdose deaths, the Los Angeles Times reports. The bills, which were passed unanimously, now await Governor Jerry Brown’s signature.

New Jersey Governor Signs Law Allowing Sick Children Access to Medical Marijuana

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed into law a measure that allows sick children to more easily access edible medical marijuana, CNN reports.

Synthetic Marijuana Suspected in 3 Deaths, 75 Hospitalizations in Colorado

Synthetic marijuana may be to blame in three deaths and 75 hospitalizations in Colorado, CNN reports.

Marijuana Advocacy Group Posts Billboard Ad Across From Denver Football Stadium

A marijuana advocacy group has posted a billboard ad across from Denver’s football stadium, USA Today reports. The Marijuana Policy Project’s ad urges the National Football League to “Stop Driving Players to Drink.” Referring to Colorado’s new marijuana legalization law, the ad notes, “A safer choice is now legal (here).”

Drug Abuse Prevention Groups Urge Government to Reconsider Stance on Marijuana

Drug abuse prevention groups this week urged the Department of Justice to reconsider its announcement that it will allow Colorado and Washington to carry out their new recreational marijuana laws.

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