“Bath Salts” Bans Seem to Be Reducing Use of the Drugs in Some States

Doctors and law enforcement officials in Florida and Louisiana say state bans on “bath salts” are leading to a decline in the drugs’ use. Both states implemented a ban on the synthetic drugs in January, according to American Medical News.

Currently more than 30 states have banned bath salts, the article notes. In Florida, there has been a decrease in commercial sales of bath salts since January, according to David Gross of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The Florida Poison Information Center reports calls about exposure to baths salts have declined since the ban was implemented, from 45 calls in January, to fewer than 10 calls in September.

Gross said bath salts manufacturers are continuing to create new formulations using ingredients that have not yet been banned.

In September, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) announced it is temporarily banning three synthetic stimulants that are sold as bath salts. The ban makes it illegal to possess and sell these chemicals or the products that contain them. The ban will last at least one year. During that time, the government will study whether it should permanently ban three stimulants that are used to make bath salts, Mephedrone, MDPV and Methylone.

Bath salts are marketed under names such as “Ivory Wave,” “Purple Wave,” “Vanilla Sky” or “Bliss.” The drugs mimic the effects of cocaine, LSD, Ecstasy and/or methamphetamine. According to the DEA, users have reported impaired perception, reduced motor control, disorientation, extreme paranoia and violent episodes. Bath salts have become increasingly popular among teens and young adults.

One Response to “Bath Salts” Bans Seem to Be Reducing Use of the Drugs in Some States

  1. jim meeks | October 18, 2011 at 2:39 pm

    People want to change the way they feel. Take away the ‘real drug” [marijuana] and people will use ”bath salts” to alter their conciseness.outlawing drugs does not work. we have seen this over and over again.

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