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Alcohol Most Common “Date Rape” Drug, Law Enforcement Officials Say

Despite widespread publicity about “date rape” drugs such as roofies, liquid ecstasy and Special K, alcohol remains the most common substance associated with sexual assault, according to law enforcement officials.

Lawsuit Challenges Wisconsin Fetal Protection Measure Known as “Cocaine Mom” Act

A federal lawsuit is challenging a Wisconsin measure that allows the forcible confinement of pregnant women who use illegal drugs or alcohol “to a severe degree” and will not accept treatment. The law is known as the “cocaine mom” act.

Poll of Teens Finds 77 Percent Say They Don’t Drink Alcohol

A poll of high school teens finds 77 percent say they don’t drink alcohol. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, which released the survey, 69 percent of teens say they don’t drink, and an additional 8 percent say they used to drink, but don’t anymore.

Baby Boomers Continue Substance Use as They Age

Baby boomers appear to be carrying their substance abuse habits with them as they age, according to a behavioral health expert at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine. David W. Oslin, MD, says binge drinking and prescription drug use are particular concerns in this population.

Truckers Who are Younger and Paid Less More Likely to Use Alcohol or Illegal Drugs

An international review of studies looking at substance abuse by truckers finds those who are most likely to use alcohol or drugs on the job are younger and less well paid.

College Students’ Use of Fake IDs May Contribute to Risk for Alcohol Use Disorder

A study of college students finds false ID use may contribute to the risk of alcohol use disorder by making it easier for students to drink more frequently. The study found false IDs were used by almost two-thirds of students who had tried alcohol at least once before starting college.

Fraternity Group Opposes Bans on Freshman Rush Designed to Reduce Alcohol Deaths

A group that represents 75 national fraternities has been successful in opposing college rules that are designed to reduce alcohol-related deaths by postponing freshman recruiting, according to Bloomberg.

Drinks Often Contain More Alcohol Than People Realize: Report

The alcohol content of beer and wine varies widely, meaning people often end up consuming more alcohol than they realize, according to a new report.

Marine Corps Exchange Stores Impose New Limits on Alcohol Sales

Marine Corps Exchange stores around the world will impose new limits on alcohol sales in an effort to limit irresponsible drinking, Stars and Stripes reports.

Teens Who Start Puberty Early More Likely to Experiment with Substance Use

A new survey of teens finds those who start puberty early are more likely to try cigarettes, alcohol and marijuana, compared with those who begin on time or late.

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