Funds Raised by MD Alcohol Tax Will Be Used to Expand Long-Term Care Services

An estimated $14 million collected through Maryland’s alcohol tax will be used to expand community-based, long-term care for the elderly and those with disabilities, according to the Associated Press.

The alcohol tax has been in effect for a little more than a year, the AP notes. The sales tax on alcohol increased from 6 percent to 9 percent. It is expected to raise about $75 million this year, about $10 million less than projected when the law was passed.

Most of the money is being directed to health-related programs. In addition to the $14 million to expand services for the elderly and disabled, the funds will be used for programs for people with developmental disabilities, and community health services, including a program that covers outpatient primary care, substance abuse and pharmacy benefits.

Opponents of the tax increase say it has hurt businesses, especially those near borders with other states that have lower taxes.

One Response to Funds Raised by MD Alcohol Tax Will Be Used to Expand Long-Term Care Services

  1. Debra Rincon Lopez | November 16, 2012 at 12:56 pm

    I think that this would be very beneficial for ADDICTION TREATMENT PROGRAMS. I think they should start doing this in all States, for the future of all youth to have a better chance at Sucess!

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