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Welcome from the Dean of Boston University School of Public Health

The Boston University School of Public Health has been proud to sponsor and host Join Together as part of our mission to provide community leaders with science-based public health information and assistance. Today, Join Together enters a new phase of its important work as it becomes part of The Partnership at

Join Together to Become Part of The Partnership at

Join Together’s David Rosenbloom announces that effective April 4, Join Together will become part of The Partnership at

Tell Major League Baseball to Toss Tobacco

“ I love baseball; I always have — from watching the Phillies take on the Mets, to the storied Red Sox and Yankees rivalry, and the rise of the Giants versus the Rangers. When I was younger, I thought the hits…

More States Favoring Treatment Over Lock-up for Drug Offenses

For several decades, states have taken a “”nail ’em-and-jail ’em”" approach to drug offenders — but several states are now rolling back their punitive drug laws and investing in treatment.

Study: Ignition Locks Cut DUI Reoffenses, Crashes

A systematic review of 15 research studies shows that special automobile ignition locks significantly reduce the likelihood that people convicted of driving while drunk will reoffend, Reuters reported Feb. 22. Drivers who have had an ignition interlock installed in their…

$9.35 Million in Drug Free Communities Support Grants Available

Community coalitions ’working to prevent and reduce substance abuse among youth’ may be eligible to apply for competitive grants from The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Anti-Smoking Drugs Alter Brain to Curb Cravings, Two Studies Suggest

New research indicates smoking-cessation drugs may work by changing the way our brains react to seeing others smoke, HealthDay News reported Jan. 3. In separate studies, researchers from the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) and the University of…

Study: Acculturation Stress Linked to Substance Use in Latino Teens

Acculturation stress may be part of the reason some Mexican and Mexican-American teens living in the U.S. report high rates of marijuana and alcohol use, Fox News Latino reported Dec. 30. As part of a research project funded by the National Institute…

New Fla. Gov. Shutters State Drug Control Office

A spokesman for Rick Scott, the Florida governor who took office this month, said the governor was closing down the state’s Office of Drug Control, the Miami Herald reported Dec. 22. Scott campaigned on a promise to cut government waste….

Expert on American Drug-Control Policy Dies at 74

David MustoDavid F. Musto, M.D., author of a pioneering history of drug-control policy and a former advisor on drug control to the Carter Administration, died Oct. 8.

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