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Phoenix House’s Dr. Mitchell Rosenthal: You Are Not Alone

Mitchell S. Rosenthal, MD, Founder of Phoenix House, talks about a new campaign to lower the barriers families face in getting teens the treatment and recovery support they need.

Teen Substance Abuse Expert Sees Dark Side of Opioid Abuse

From “pharming” to pill parties, teens are abusing prescription drugs in dangerous ways, and can become addicted quickly, warns an adolescent substance abuse specialist at Children’s Hospital Boston.

Commentary: Florida’s Drug Overdose Epidemic

Prescription drug overdoses claimed the lives of 16,650 Floridians from 2003 to 2009 — an average of eight deaths a day. It’s been a devastating problem, spread by the silence and misunderstanding over addiction and by the underworld “pill mill” economy, explains Karen H. Perry, Executive Director of NOPE Task Force.

Punitive Damages Against Tobacco Giant Upheld By California Appeals Court

An appeals court in Los Angeles has upheld $13.8 million in punitive damages against tobacco manufacturer Philip Morris. The damages were awarded for the addiction and death of a woman who smoked for 45 years.

Study Shows Cell Phone Photos May Improve Compliance with Meth Treatment

A new study finds asking patients to use a cell phone to snap a picture of medication for methamphetamine dependence treatment before they take it, and emailing it to their doctor, may be a simple and effective way of monitoring treatment compliance.

Army Pilot Program Allows Soldiers to Confidentially Enroll in Alcohol Treatment

A pilot Army program allows soldiers at high risk for developing alcohol problems to enroll in a confidential treatment program that will not adversely impact their careers. The program, which started at three Army installations, is now at six posts.

Medical Group Calls Addiction Brain Disorder, Not Behavior Problem

The American Society of Addiction Medicine has released a new definition of addiction, calling it a chronic brain disorder, not just a behavior problem.

Florida Governor Says Sales of Oxycodone on the Decline

Florida Governor Rick Scott announced Monday that sales of oxycodone are down 17 percent in the first five months of this year, compared with the same period in 2010.

Protein Could Hold Clues for New Addiction Treatments, Animal Study Suggests

A finding about the role of a protein in the brain that influences behavior may hold clues to addiction-like behaviors, a study in mice suggests. The research could help scientists searching for more effective addiction treatments, according to Science Daily.

More Colleges Institute Recovery Programs

A growing number of colleges are creating recovery programs for students, The Wall Street Journal reports. This summer, a group of colleges has formed the Association for Recovery in Higher Education to promote these initiatives.

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