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Expanded Insurance Coverage in Massachusetts Did Not Increase Addiction Treatment

A Massachusetts law passed in 2006 that expanded insurance coverage did not lead to an increase in the number of state residents who received inpatient treatment for drug and alcohol abuse at state-contracted facilities, according to a new study.

Spotlight on Women Physicians and Addiction

Women physicians with substance abuse problems differ in some significant ways from their male counterparts, according to the medical director of Virginia’s Health Practitioners’ Monitoring Program. Yet little research has been done about the best ways to treat these women, she says.

Researchers Use Virtual Gaming Technology to Treat Veterans’ Substance Abuse

Researchers at Duke University are using virtual gaming technology to treat substance abuse in veterans. Through a computer-generated environment, they are testing former soldiers with temptations, including alcohol and drugs.

Commentary: NADCP Kicks off a Coast-to-Coast National Drug Court Month Celebration

West Huddleston, CEO of the National Association of Drug Court Professionals, addresses National Drug Court Month and the launch of All Rise America!, a national motorcycle relay for recovery.

Baby is Born Every Hour in the United States With Symptoms of Opioid Withdrawal

Every hour, a baby is born in the United States with symptoms of opioid withdrawal, according to a study in this week’s Journal of the American Medical Association.

Animal Study Suggests Link Between Binge Eating and Other Addictive Behaviors

A study of rats suggests a link between binge eating and the development of other addictive behaviors.

PRISM Awards Honor Accurate Depiction of Substance Abuse, Addiction in TV and Film

The television shows Glee, Southland, Parenthood and Shameless, along with the feature films Warrior and Take Shelter, were among those that were honored recently at the 16th Annual PRISM Awards ceremony.

Cocaine Overdose Treatment Shows Promise in Animal Study

A potential cocaine overdose treatment has shown promise in a study of mice, according to the Los Angeles Times. The researchers said the findings could lead to human clinical trials.

Manipulating Memories Could Help Prevent Drug Addiction Relapse

Manipulating memories of people formerly addicted to drugs may help them avoid relapse, a new study suggests.

Exercise May Make it Harder to Break an Addiction, Animal Study Suggests

Exercise may make it more difficult to break an addiction in some cases, a study of cocaine-addicted mice suggests.

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