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Parents of Young Adults Addicted to Heroin Seek Greater Access to Health Records

The parents of two young adults who were addicted to heroin are advocating for families to have greater access to their children’s health records. They say parents’ input is needed because of the nature of addiction, and young adults’ limited decision-making capabilities.

Researcher Uses Virtual Reality to Reduce Addiction Cravings

A Duke University researcher is studying whether virtual reality can be used to reduce cravings in people who are addicted. The goal is to help them develop coping strategies that they can use in the real world, Popular Science reports.

Millions of New Patients Could Receive Addiction Treatment Under Health Law

Between 3 million and 5 million new patients could soon receive addiction treatment under the Affordable Care Act, according to the Associated Press. The change will have a major impact on treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

Eight New Addiction Medicine Fellowship Programs Accredited

Eight new addiction medicine fellowship programs have been accredited by the American Board of Addiction Medicine Foundation, bringing the total number of programs to 18, Newswise reports.

Commentary: ASAM Survey to Identify Where Patient Access to Addiction Treatment is at Risk

As a growing number of states have either passed new legislation or are considering legislation limiting payment for opioid treatment, the American Society of Addiction Medicine has launched a task force focused on FDA-approved medications for opioid dependence, says their Acting President Dr. Stuart Gitlow.

Many Young Adults Use Parents’ Insurance to Treat Substance Abuse, Mental Illness

Young adults who receive health insurance through their parents’ plans because of the Affordable Care Act are more likely to use the coverage to treat substance abuse, mental illness or pregnancy, compared with their peers who already had coverage, a new report finds.

Letter From the Editor: Our Second Anniversary

Thank you for being part of the Join Together community as we celebrate our second anniversary.

North America’s Only Legal Safe-Injection Site Continues to Stir Controversy

North America’s only government-sanctioned facility that medically supervises the injection of illegal drugs, located in Vancouver, British Columbia, continues to stir controversy, according to CNN.

David Sheff, Author of Clean, Interview: Part 2 of 2

Join Together chats with David Sheff, author of the new book, “Clean: Overcoming Addiction and Ending America’s Greatest Tragedy,” to discuss his exploration into the science, prevention and treatment of addiction.

Cocaine Cravings Turned Off and On With Laser Light in Rat Study

Scientists have used laser lights to turn cocaine cravings off and on in a study of rats. The findings suggest new directions for treatment of addiction in humans, the researchers say.

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