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    My daughter is 32 and did 4 months of inpatient, working through all the levels. She came to live with me and acted liked she never took it seriously. I think she only did it because she was in legal trouble and was trying to get her child back.After 4 months at my house, without attending any meetings or doing anything constructive, and showing up here several times high. The last time she came here high, I called the police and ask them to remove her from my house. While here they saw paraphilia and got a search warrant and found a lot of things. Had they not been in the room where she was staying, I might have been charged also. Somehow she got out of jail after 24 hours and came here. I told her she wasn’t staying here anymore, because she jeopardized my freedom and getting me kicked out of my apartment. She is homeless and couch surfing. What can I do next? Really don’t want to get a call that she is dead.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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