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Should I turn him in?

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    My son has been in and out of jail several times in the last year. His initial charge was possession with intent to sell. He is out on probation and he has already done his last alternative to revocation of parole. I am pretty sure he is using again. He has stopped showering, eating, and spends several hours a day sleeping. He is a heroin addict. I think he is started snorting prescription pain pills again. I know it can only get worse from here. Before he got caught he was living in his car, he was down to 110 pounds on his 5”6′ frame. He never showered. He robbed me, my mother, and even his 12 year old little sister. He sold her wii, and her stash of 100 dollar she go for her birthday. The only jewelry I have left worth anything was locked in a safe, which he attempted to break into but was unsuccessful. I can not go back there. But I am torn. Should I report this behavior to his PO? He will go to prison this time for 2 years. I am so tired of this roller coaster. I just want this to end. Please someone, give me permission to turn him in. I just need someone to say it’s okay if I do.

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