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Need to get my son out of our house -advice?

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    Our 24 yr old opiate-addicted son is living with us. We provide a car and phone as well as room and board. He works as a waiter and has been handing us over his nightly pay, however because he gets tips we never know how much he makes in total. He is supposedly on a waiting list to see a suboxone doctor.

    We recently found out that we have been unknowingly enabling our sons addiction for the past month. Today, I received a bill for a credit card that we have not been using and has been locked up in a strong-box that was hidden (the key was hidden too). Over the past month, he has been taking the card (he obviously hunted down the box and the key) and using it to purchase gas, gift cards, and who knows what else, for a total of $600.

    We have asked him to leave. The only thing he is being allowed to keep is his cell phone – our reasoning for this is that we want him to have access to help if he needs it. He does not make enough money to support his habit and his life. He will likely lose his job because he will have no means to get there. I have no idea where he will go. This seems so cruel but we know we have to do it in order for him to stand any chance of recovery.

    Wondering if anyone can provide some guidance to help us stand by this decision and not back down (which is what we always do) or offer some alternative suggestions for how to deal with this.

    Thank you.

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    Pernilla Burke

    Hi there, please call the Helpline at the partnership and they can help guide you. Please call 1-855-DRUGFREE


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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