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My son blames my husband and me for his addiction

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    He is married with 3 children. He used to live up the street, but he, his wife and children have now moved in with her parents. He hasn’t worked in over a year. He’s doing outpatient rehab, but his counselor really thinks he needs inpatient. He refuses to do that. In the meantime, he is not being faithful to his rehab sessions, but the therapist is convinced she can help him as long as he keeps showing up.

    My son wants us to apologize for all the wrong things we did when he was growing up. The counselor says his addiction is not our fault and we shouldn’t do that. Now he refuses to let us see our grandchildren. We saw our grandchildren almost every day. Many times they would stay over night…sometimes they would stay over night for multiple nights. We would take care of them all day, have dinner for them, then bathe them and put them in their pajamas before they would go home. We took them to the playground, the food store, movies, just outside to play….we did so many things together…and now I haven’t seen them in a week. My son asked me for $50 on Saturday to pay off his last drug dealer. I refused to give him money. He text me later to say he got the money from someone else and that he didn’t think it was a good idea for us to see our grandchildren since we “f****d up” his life. My daughter in law completely disagrees with him, but says she can’t do anything. Now my youngest grandson is having his birthday party on Saturday and my son sent my other son a nasty text saying he was not allowed to come and he better not show up or he will ruin the party. Then he sent me a text asking if he needed to tell his father the same thing or was he going to work anyway. I’m so devastated and don’t know what to do. This is tearing my family apart.

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