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Although Valentine’s Day is typically considered a time for expressions of “romantic love,”  it’s also a great opportunity to connect with your kids to let

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The Medicine Abuse Project is in full swing in 2013, kicking the year off with a focus on educators, school nurses, administrators, coaches and other

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As a little girl, Mom and Dad promised I could be anything I wanted — police officer, teacher, journalist — and that no matter what,

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Addressing the epidemic of teen medicine abuse is a responsibility that falls upon entire communities, and starts in the home with parents. Safeguarding medicine at

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Addiction can be messy. It can tear lives and families apart. The challenge of overcoming addiction is daunting, and it’s easy to feel hopeless. But

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My son Alex shoplifted to support his addiction. Needless to say he got caught several times. The first few times, when he was a minor,

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My son stopped using over two years ago. For seven years he was addicted to drugs and, by the end, was a heroin addict. Today he is drug free and working to put his life back together. These are just some realizations that seem to help me.

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As a parent in recovery, I look at my children’s faces every day and I wonder and worry. I wonder, with everything I know and

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We’ve known for years that involved and connected fathers raise teenagers who do better in school, have healthier relationships, and stay out of trouble. Not

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It always hurts to see a child or teen sad as a result of a friendship that has gone awry. One way to help your

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