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He relapsed, does that mean he failed? HELL YES, over and over the same old crap!!! Won’t he ever GET IT???!!! (Expressed very loudly by

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Like so many, my family has been touched by addiction. Our heads constantly spun for years as we tried to find the way to fix

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As a little girl, Mom and Dad promised I could be anything I wanted — police officer, teacher, journalist — and that no matter what,

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Addiction can be messy. It can tear lives and families apart. The challenge of overcoming addiction is daunting, and it’s easy to feel hopeless. But

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My son Alex shoplifted to support his addiction. Needless to say he got caught several times. The first few times, when he was a minor,

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My son stopped using over two years ago. For seven years he was addicted to drugs and, by the end, was a heroin addict. Today he is drug free and working to put his life back together. These are just some realizations that seem to help me.

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As a parent in recovery, I look at my children’s faces every day and I wonder and worry. I wonder, with everything I know and

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Tom Catton discusses the importance of the 12-Step program and selecting a sponsor that you feel will guide you in the right direction. Catton notes the spiritual experience of the 12-Step program and the importance of finding sponsorship that assists in fulfilling this journey.

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Tom Catton introduces you to the revolutionary belief that for some individuals a life fraught with sickening addiction can quite possibly become a misunderstood gift and a blessing in disguise.

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The Partnership is excited to introduce our new blogger, Tom Catton. Tom has been in long-term recovery since October 20, 1971 is the author of

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