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Do you have an adult family member or friend with a drug or alcohol problem? You’re probably wondering how you can help. Here are 7

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Are you concerned about your own drug or alcohol use? Deciding whether you have a problem can be challenging. You may or may not need

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The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids released new research from the latest Partnership Attitude Tracking Study (PATS), a nationally projectable survey that tracks teen drug and

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Do you know an outstanding youth coach or student athlete who demonstrates a commitment to fair, drug-free play and an overall healthy lifestyle? Does this

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This past June, Urban Outfitters, a national retail store popular with teens, removed a number of products from its shelves after considerable pressure from public

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Is the way or amount you drink harming your health? Should you cut down on your drinking? In honor of Alcohol Awareness month, we wanted to

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We’ve known for years that involved and connected fathers raise teenagers who do better in school, have healthier relationships, and stay out of trouble. Not

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