2012 Annual Report

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In 2012, we launched a groundbreaking new initiative, The Medicine Abuse Project. Our goal is to prevent half a million teens from abusing medicine by the year 2017.

  • "As a parent who has lost a son to medicine abuse, the past couple of weeks have been truly moving. The Partnership at Drugfree.org showed me some of the stories people shared about medicine abuse over this past week, and as a parent who has experienced the epidemic's effects firsthand, they really resonated with me. In 2004, my son Mark died from an accidental overdose of prescription drugs. At a time when most of life's experiences should lie just ahead, his life ended and I will always wonder if I could have saved him. Now that I've gotten involved with The Partnership, I believe that their resources may have provided me the information I so desperately needed."

    Phil Bauer, talking about the launch of The Medicine Abuse Project

  • The Project came to life with support from
    individuals and organizations across the country

  • How we’ve
    made an impact

    • More than 41,000,000 social media impressions.
    • More than 5,000 took the Pledge to #endmedicineabuse in the first three months of the Project.
    • $10 million in donated television, radio, print and digital advertising time and space supported The Medicine Abuse Project in its initial phase.
    • More than 45,000,000 traditional media impressions.
    • Over 488,395 pounds (244 tons) of prescription medications were collected.

  • The campaign kicked off with a live storytelling exhibit in New York City’s Grand Central Terminal, a special webinar with A&E Networks and an effort driving people to take the Pledge to end medicine abuse. The launch week culminated with a DEA-facilitated National Prescription Take-Back Day, which resulted in the safe collection and disposal of more than 488,300 pounds of prescription medicines.

    News about the Project was picked up in major media outlets like CNN, USA Today, CBS "Live From The Couch", Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight and more.

  • In just under six months, we led a massive collaboration of 18 corporations and trade associations, seven federal agencies, more than 60 national nonprofit and community partners and hundreds of thousands of individuals.

    We fostered unlikely partnerships of public and private entities, of Democrats and Republicans, of celebrities and non-celebrities, of doctors and patients.

    Together, we took our first steps in a multi-year effort to end teen abuse of prescription drugs and over-the-counter cough medicine.