2012 Annual Report

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    It began in 2011. A blank canvas of possibility.

    Little did we know that it would become something bigger and more powerful than we could have imagined.

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    We wanted to end the misunderstanding around addiction and unite and empower those affected, giving them a place to share stories and in turn, share hope.

    To let them know that their story could change someone else’s.

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    The Hope Share was possible due to the collaboration of partners who donated time and services like J. Walter Thompson, Horizon Media and production and media outlets across New York City.

    Their creativity and commitment brought people together so that others would feel less alone. Our canvas would ultimately become a nationwide campaign, reaching tens of millions via television screens, newspapers, magazines, and billboards big and small, on one of the busiest, brightest corners of the world, Times Square.

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    "I feel hopeful and am full of gratitude to be alive and clear headed and I have tears of happiness instead
    of sadness."
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    "I am alive today and I have a purpose; a purpose to not waste away in addiction, but to give back and help others - to take care of me and my kids. To live life to its fullest, to not give up no matter what. To choose well and I will live well."
    - Lisa, who shared her story »

    "It is NOT your fault and you are NOT alone."

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    In just a few short months, The Hope Share became a vibrant,
    loving and supportive community, still growing each day into an unending scroll of stories and
    faces of hope.

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    Take a look, and thank you for your support.

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