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Annual Report

“There were people who knew what we were going through and provided us with a foundation of knowledge
and hope.”

Kourtnaye Sturgeon

Teen substance use and addiction are two of the most pressing health issues facing children and families today, but they are still among the most misunderstood.

We have a tremendous opportunity to turn misunderstanding into informed and educated action. To move people from apathy to advocacy.

Every year, millions rely on the science-based programs and services of the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. From extensive online resources, to our national helpline, to our work in diverse communities, we are committed to translating the latest science into practical solutions. We’re dedicated to a future where no family loses a child to addiction.

Just last week, we had the opportunity to hear from two inspirational and brave mothers.

The Sturgeon family had been struggling with their son Ryan’s addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs and heroin. Ryan’s mom, Kourtnaye, upon finding The Partnership, realized “there were people who knew what we were going through and provided us a foundation of education, knowledge and hope.” Today, Ryan is in a recovery community.

Sherrie is the incredible mother of Aaron, whose overdose of prescription medicine left him paralyzed and unable to speak. Since that fateful day, Sherrie has become one of the most vocal champions for families west of the Mississippi.

Each day, Kourtnaye, Sherrie and many other parents across the nation courageously share their stories and work with us to prevent others from experiencing the pain and anguish from a loved one’s addiction.

As you read in this report about The Medicine Abuse Project you will see why The Partnership is the national leader on solutions to the medicine abuse epidemic. Likewise, The Hope Share will provide a glimpse into an inspiring community that demonstrates in both words and images how recovery is a reality. Just two of a myriad of ways we help change lives each and every day.

It’s because of you this work is possible. Thank you.


Steve Pasierb
President and CEO