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2013 Annual Report

Our mission is to reduce teen substance abuse and support families impacted by addiction.

Thank you for your help in changing, and even saving, lives. Because of you, in 2013, more than eight million families and individuals have found the help and answers they need to address teen substance abuse.

You rally around us to take on the big issues, like leading efforts to reverse the epidemic of teen medicine abuse, providing help for the 11 million kids who need treatment (as well as support for their families) and directing one of the nation’s most effective teen drug prevention campaigns.

You, along with the leading addiction scientists, corporate partners, parent volunteers and the advertising and media community, are contributing both dollars and time as we help ensure there’s a “safety net” for families, a net that otherwise wouldn’t exist due to major cuts in funding to prevention and treatment programs. In fact, we are one of the last national scale nonprofits addressing teen substance abuse and addiction, and that’s because of your support.

Finally, you insist that we are effective and efficient, and you drive us to be innovative so that we can make even more families aware of – and take action around – the serious health risks of adolescent substance use.

With your support and donations, we are able to combine the best practices of public health and communications to change lives for the better. We couldn’t do this without you.

Please join us as we continue to evolve to best serve each new generation of kids and families, and thank you for your donations and support.


Steve Pasierb
President and CEO