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    Breaking Points

    Watch the trailer for BREAKING POINTS, our new film exploring teen stress and pressure and the unhealthy ways many cope, including abusing Rx stimulants.

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    Heroin use more than doubled

    Opioid addiction is ravaging our communities, and the time to take action against this epidemic is now. Get access to our most helpful and critical resources related to heroin and opioids all in one place.

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    11/13/1988 - 10/19/2007
    Our hearts go out to the families who have lost loved ones to drugs and alcohol. Please join us in remembering those who were born or passed away on today's date.
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    We lose nearly 130 people a day to drug overdoses. It is the leading cause of accidental death in the United States, and the loss is felt most acutely by the families left behind. By doing a better job of helping families and their addicted children, we can most effectively reduce these deaths and the accompanying pain and suffering, explains Tom Hedrick, founding member of the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids.